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Feel free to listen our new album Half-Live

Some other samples are on Bandzone.cz and on YouTube.com

About us

Five people proudly bear the name Gliondar. Despite being from Prague, Czech Republic, we love the Erie and everything it can offer. Irish folk music flows in our veins (together with the irish whiskey O:-) ) - that's the reason why we, every now and then, grab our instruments and play for anyone willing to listen.

Although officially founded in 2008, the idea of the band first appeared in June of 2007. The current members are:
René Janečková - vocal, guitars
Honza Jelínek - bodhrán, concertina, spoons
Radim Lapčík - fiddle, mandolin
Áron Vácha - fiddle

Former members:
Daniela Krejčová - cello, flute Markéta Kočí - fiddle, whistle, recorder
Kateřina Lorencová
Markéta Bernardová
Marie "Massha" Klepetková
Jiří Gregor

Where you can find us: Whenever the temperature is high enough for our fingers to gallop on our instruments, we play outdoor, in the park Stromovka. You can find us there almost every sunday. However, with the first signs of winter, we move into pubs or inns, so that each of our rehearsals can turn into a gig, if the audience is willing.

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